Alu Methi Sprouts ki Sabzi

Calling all Methi lovers…A Huttke Sabzi that recreates the classic Alu Methi in a whole new way!

Soak methi seeds overnight. Wash drain and cover with wet paper towel. Repeat this twice a day, for 4-5 days till you have nice long sprouts.
Cut potatoes into long thin pieces. Heat oil, add jeera, minced ginger and green chillies, followed by the potato. Add salt & red chilli pwdr to taste. Saute potatoes till they are cooked through.
Now add washed and drained methi sprouts along with some amchoor. Adjust salt if needed. Cook for a couple of minutes…ready! Serve with garma garam Daal Roti!


  1. My methi seeds are yellow.How come yours are green ?

    • ruchiairen

      Mine are yellow too, after sprouting they turn color! The green you see is the leaves that began to sprout after almost a week!:-)

  2. Ruchi do you need to keep resoaking them…drying them n resoaking them for 4 days…. caused i soaked n dried n tried to sprout them but they caught fungus…

    • I soak methi seeds overnight. Next day drain away all water and cover with damp cloth. Then for the next 3-4 days.rinse, drain and cover 3 times a day. Your sprouts should be ready by the end of the 4 th day.

  3. This is a great recipe. Tried it yesterday & loved it

  4. I tried this recipe and I cannot believe how tasty it is!! It was amazing to see methi seeds sprout ?

  5. My methi sprouts got all Kadwaa… how do I get the taste right?

    • The longer you sprout them, the less bitter they will be! Toss them in salt n lemon juice, that reduces the taste of bitterness too!

  6. I tried this’s absolutely awesome

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