Low Cal

Summer Meal Idea 2

Cucumber & Cottage Cheese between Sprouted Multigrain bread…..make for a real ‘Feel Good’ Sandwich!! Courtesy: Roweena Bhatia Accompanied by Fruit-Kababs […]

Mixed Fruit Kebabs

Fruit-Kababs with a drizzle of Nutella….Mmmmmm…sure to bring back the kid in you! 🙂 Method: Slice fruits like bananas, strawberries, […]

Summer Meal Idea 1

Crunchy Celery, Colorful Peppers and Black Olives, brighten up Healthy Egg Salad Sandwiches kicking them up several notches! We enjoyed […]

Khasta Kale Roti

A delicious healthy lunch….Earthy Khasta Kale Roti with Khatti-Mithi Kadhi & Lal Mirchi ka Achar Method: Wash drain and finely […]