Cheesy Veg Sliders for Kids


June 12, 2015

With summer vacations, just around the corner…let’s try some kid indulgent food today!
Presenting Cheesy kid-friendly sliders. Mini Soft brioche buns sandwiching cheesy potato & peas patties….with some extra gooey cheese melting on top…yum yum!
You will need:
For the bread…
Try get mini soft buns/dinner rolls for this recipe. I like to get the mini brioche buns. These buttery rolls add the X-factor to this simple recipe!
For the patties…
3-4 boiled potatoes mashed smooth.
3/4 cup soft boiled peas, coarsely mashed (optional)
1 tbsp of melted butter
Salt, pepper to taste
Some bread crumbs for binding (I prefer panko)
For the filling…
1/2 cup grated cheddar cheese mixed with parsley/dhania and some paprika (optional)
For the assembly…
Thinly sliced onions and tomatoes and some lettuce (if you like)
Extra grated cheese
image image image image image Method:
Mix the potatoes, peas, melted butter and bread crumbs together. Add salt n pepper to taste. Divide into lemon size balls. Flatten on your palm and place a tsp of cheese filling in the middle.

Pinch corners to seal the filling inside and flatten balls into smooth patties. Make sure that there are no cracks!
Deep fry carefully in medium hot oil, taking care not to over-crowd the frying pan or the patties might starte to crumble in the hot oil! Drain on paper towel.

Slice buns. Spread a little mayo on the bottom half (optional). Place the patty on top. Place a small heap of cheese on the patty. Place the sliders in a hot oven or microwave (only 15-20 sec)…for just enough time as to melt the cheese. Cover with top half.

Serve these Kiddy Veg Sliders with a garnish of sliced green onion and a side of crunchy chips.
You can layer with lettuce/onion/tomato…as your kid likes. But be mindful of the tiny mouths eating the sliders, avoid building them up too high! 🙂

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