Crushed Chilli Garlic Pepper…My Version of Pahadi Namak


May 20, 2014

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A delicious Pahadi version of crushed red pepper, that is as sensational as it is addictive! It’s origin lies in Gharwali cuisine, where it is made as a coarsely pounded accompaniment to uplift a simple Pahadi meal and was introduced to me by Shimpa.
In my version, I reduce the amount of salt, grind the dried Pahadi namak to a fine powder and convert it into a table condiment!
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If you are using 500gms chillies (red or green or you could even use a mix), use about 250- 300 gms garlic and lots of regular white salt so as to completely submerge the chillies and garlic with the salt. Coarsely pound the above and dry in sun or even indoors in a clean dry place for about a week to ten days, depending on the weather conditions.

As I fell more and more in love with this delicious spice, I went crazy using it in every which way I could think of. I use it over my eggs, sprinkle it on hot buttered toast, rub it on corn, stuff it in slit mooli, use it as a garnish over hummus.
I’ve made khamiri rotis stuffed with this wonderful spice, cooked idlis flavored with it & marinated shrimp in it…. I even carry it in my hand bag to local pizzerias as a dash of this takes a regular pizza to a whole new level!

As you can see….I just can’t have enough of it!! 🙂

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