Decadent Fried Cheese Toast!

For a change how about throwing caution to the winds and indulging in some deep fried DECADENT CHEESE TOAST!! I grew up on these….mom made them when we had unexpected guests and as kids we absolutely loved them!!
Now, when my kids play truant with their homework…how do I bring them back to it? With bribes of their fav foods….it always works! These are my son’s fav….And a plateful of these, placed within easy sight….HW done within no time!! 🙂
Mix 1 cup grated cheddar cheese with 3 tbsp maida, finely chopped onions, green chillies, freshly chopped dhania, salt, red chilli powder.

Add some water to form a thick paste.

Apply on one side of bread piece…to make bite size ones

Or you can also use the whole slice

Deep fry bread with topping side….facing down first

Drain on paper towel…serve with fav ketchup! Caution they are super hot…when they come out of the oil…take care!


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