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June 11, 2015

The quick n easy Fix!!
What is the one thing that has your eyes watering, senses reeling and leaves you completely speechless….Yesssss its Golgappe…the perfect indulgence for the fun festival of HOLI! 🙂
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A big fav with both me & my daughter we are always engaged in a constant battle to out do each other!
Each visit to India, has one single-minded purpose that remains unchanged, to sample as many Golgappe from as many places as we can!! 🙂

Over the years I’ve discovered that the love for Golgappe extends far & wide….but good Golgappes are not that easily available, especially abroad!
So I’ve come up with a quick easy no-brainier recipe for all my overseas friends which is sure to please the most discerning taste buds!

For the paani
1 SWAD Panipuri liquid mix
1 SWAD tamarind concentrate
1/3 cup sugar ( or according to your taste)
Pudina-mango extract
Mix all above ingredients. Add water as per your liking as to how strong or mild you like the paani to be! Chill in refrigerator.
For the pudina-mango extract…
Process I big bunch of mint along with 1 big raw mango/ I pack frozen raw mango, 1 inch piece of ginger and 2 green chillies along with some water. Strain using wire mesh and use!
PS: no need to add any additional spices, the ready to use Panipuri mix has all spices needed!

For the filling
Roughly mash boiled Chana & alu in the proportion of 1:1. Add kalanamak, bhuna jeera pwdr and red chilli pwdr.

For the pooris
You can buy store bought, microwave or fry ready to fry ones, never tried making it from scratch! 🙂
One tip, to crisp up store bought pooris…microwave them for a minute, then cool completely…they crisp up nicely!

2 comments on “Quick N Easy Golgappe /Panipuri

  1. June 10, 2014 Alpana Deo

    Golgappe are one of my favorite snacks too. You are right, they are not readily available abroad. Getting the right Pani taste is must for enjoying the golgappas. So, whenever I get fresh mint, I make Pani and freeze it. Now, my daughter also knows that mommy has Pani always ready so she don’t have to think much before asking for Golgappe.


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