Green Chilli Pickle Shimla Ishtyle!


January 7, 2014


Green Chilli Pickle Shimla Ishtyle ….. source Mala Aunty

2kg hari mirch
75 gms methi Dana
75 gms jeera
75 gms rai ki dal
200 gms Namak
500 gms sugar
500 gms vinegar
500 gms mustard oil
250 gms garlic (ground)
250 gms ginger (ground)
2 heaped tsp haldi pwdr

Cut chillies and toss in salt. Soak jeera and methi seeds in water in separate bowls for an hour. Drain and grind together to a thick paste using a little water. Boil chillies in vinegar till they turn color. Take half of the oil and sauté the ground methi and jeera paste till it leaves oil. Use the other half of the oil to fry the ground ginger and garlic paste to a golden brown. Now mix both the masalas. Add sugar, haldi and then rai ki dal. Stir in the chillies and vinegar. Keep in sunlight for 2-3 days…ready!

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