Growing Wheatgrass Indoors


December 5, 2018

Growing WHEAT GRASS indoors…
So wonderfully easy!
It takes less than 10 days from seed to harvest. I guess it’s time for some immune boosting wheatgrass shots!

Start by buying good quality organic wheat berries.

Soak overnight in water…

Drain and keep covered with damp paper towel. Rinse n drain soaked wheat berries twice a day and keep covered with damp paper towel for next 2 days till they begin to sprout. Then spread liberally over moist soil.

Cover lightly with 1/4 inch soil

Spray with water gently.

Do not use a watering can with a big spout. It leads to overwatering and mould formation! Keep soil moist(but not wet), spraying once/twice a day as needed.

The wheat grass should start to emerge in 2-3 days…

Once wheat grass emerges from soil. Try to give it some sun atleast a few hours a day…by keeping it in a sunny corner of the house.

5th day…

7th day….

Continue spraying water to keep moist for next one week.

By the 10th day, you will have a lush bed of wheatgrass ready for harvest!

´┐╝Harvest by cutting close to the soil using a clean pair of scissors.

Process wheat grass in blender along with some water and ice cubes to extract juice.

Strain and enjoy!

If you like, you can re-harvest one more time. But remember to cut the grass before it grows more than 7 inches tall…before it reaches the jointing stage, ie….when the stem starts to form.

Also the amount of produce and its nutrient value tends to reduce in the second harvest.

You can repeat this process every few days…if you want a continous supply of wheat grass.

Important points to remember:

1) Use good quality wheat berries

2) Pre-soak the berries overnight

3) For better results, allow berries to sprout before sowing in soil.

4) Use good quality organic soil, devoid of weeds, roots or stones.

5) Most important do not over-water as the wheatberries will spoil and form mould!

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