Homemade Yoghurt/DAHI

For the love of dahi… A childhood love that I carry well into adulthood, and have happily passed on to my kids too! 🙂
For all those who have shied away from attempting to make yoghurt/dahi…Try making it using my tips for developing starter dahi and setting thick homemade delicious dahi!
20140612-184417-67457592.jpgWho doesn’t like sweet cool refreshing dahi ki lassi on a hot sweltering day! A healthy nutritious anytime picker upper that you can enjoy guilt free!
Use it along with fruit & granola to make delightful parfaits, combine it with salad or vegetables to make delicious raita, or how about some cool refreshing dahi-chawal or melt in the mouth dahi vadas….:-) You could use it to make delicious dips, sprinkle some namak, lal mirch, kali mirch on top…or like me enjoy it PLAIN
Nothing can beat the joy of enjoying a bowl of fresh homemade dahi….I love it so much I can make a meal of it! 🙂

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  1. Hi Ruchi:

    Can’t locate this FB post. Just wanted to let you know the starter came out amazingly perfect…making dahi today and then will report on FB!


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