All-natural Fruit Roll-ups


August 29, 2017

All Natural fruit rollups also called fruit leathers ….made from fresh fruit puree make a healthy snack for kids. And they taste so delicious that adults find them irresistible too.

Making them at home ensures that they are free from artificial food colors and preservatives. Moreover you can also control the amount of sugar going into them.

Making them is quite fuss-free. You can use an oven or like me use a food dehydrator to make them.

Here’s how I make them….

Puree fruit of your choice, here I used a combination of peach and mango. Strawberry puree also works really well for these roll-ups.

Add sugar and lemon juice to taste.

Spread on parchment paper…keeping it a little thick in the borders.

If you like you can also make stripes/swirls with a sour fruit example…. cherry, like I did.


Place in a preheated 135F oven for about 8-10 hrs…..or till corners start to lift. Peel off carefully.

Cut into stripsusing scissors.

Roll into cylinders…

ready to eat!

To save for later use, cover each roll up with plastic wrap like a piece of candy.

They last easily for several months when stored in a clean dry place and make a great snack treat for school!


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