Ashtami/Navmi ka Prasad Kale Chane aur Halwe ke saath!


For the Halwa:

Take 1 cup mix of suji and atta ( 2/3 :1/3 ). Roast the mix in behta ghee… about 3/4 cup on slow flame for about 1 1/2 hour at medium low heat….till it becomes a rich caramel color. Boil 1 cup sugar in 3 1/2 cup water separately. Add the sugar syrup, all at one go…along with a pinch of saffron to the roasted mix. Cook on medium heat, stirring constantly till it reaches required consistency (about 4-5 minutes). Cover and rest for 10 minutes. Add elaichi powder and nuts….serve warm!

Sooji Aate ka Halwa

Kale Chane
Courtesy: Anju

Soak Chana over night. Pressure cook along with salt for one whistle, then turn flame to simmer for a good 45 minutes! Next heat oil in pan, add a good amount of jeera along with some red chilli pwdr, dhania pwdr, amchoor & garam masala. Add boiled Chana along with the water. Also mash a few Chana (about 1 tbsp) using a ladle and simmer for another 45 minutes….till it’s almost dry and a thick sauce coats it. Serve with a garnish of freshly chopped dhania & a squeeze of lime!

PS: if not making for Prasad….you can top with freshly chopped onions, green chutney and some haldiram bhujia…yummmmmmy!


  1. Loved your recipes Ruchi never made halwa and chanas have eaten them. It’s nice to learn about the different cultures and how each one cooks different. One question what is behta ghee?

  2. Didn’t know we need to roast soji for 1.5 hrs. I always thought it would bur in that much time. Good to know. Thank you so much for sharing the tip.

  3. Loved your halwa recipe, the halwa turned out really nice.