Pasta Primevera Take 2


September 12, 2014

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Pasta Primevera is one of the most popular vegetarian Pasta dish ever. Radha S Natrajan decided to give it a try. Here’s what she has to say…
Ruchi Airen’s beautiful Pasta Primevera instantly grabbed my eyes as it seemed so colorful, creamy yet using simpe ingredients. Knowing Ruchi, I knew I could simply blindfolded follow the recipe and get outstanding result. And I did !! Full thumbs up from my daughter who licked the plate clean and asking me to make more.
I have made very small changes as I did not have the required veggies that she has used in her beautiful pasta, as this was an impulsive decision to surprise my daughter when she returned from school tired and hungry.

I had to use what ever veggies I had ,avocado, beans, corn, peppers and tomatoes.
My second attempt is going to be even more precise 🙂
To check out Radha’s blog please visit…

Original Recipe for Pasta Primevera

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