Quick n Easy Recipe for PHIRNI

Rich creamy nutty, with a hint of grainy texture and served chilled…Mmmm that’s how I like my fav dessert…PHIRNI!
Presenting a quick n easy to follow recipe to sweeten your any celebration! 🙂


Wash 1/2 cup rice and microwave covered for 5 minutes with 1 cup water.
Drain and grind with some milk (about 1 cup or so) and 1/2 cup almonds to a paste.
I like it one grade less than smooth…just a tiny bit grainy.
Boil 1/2 gallon milk (about 8 cups), add the rice & nut paste and a few strands of saffron.
Cook stirring frequently till mix just begins to coat back of spoon.
Then add sugar (About 1 1/2 cup) & ground green cardamom to taste.
Pour into serving ware…here u see me showing off my new Kullhar!
Decorate with sliced almonds, pistachios and chandi ka Varakh….chill for a few hours till nicely set and…..Ennnnjoy!!


For Easy No-Fuss Crockpot PHIRNI

And here’s sharing a little poem….I wrote on the occasion of HOLI celebrating my fav Indian dessert! 🙂

Ho jaye HOLI ki shuruaat
kuch meethe ke saath
Jaise ghule mooh mein
Yeh malaidar PHIRNI
Pyar basse hamare
Rishton mein bhi
Bhool chale sab gile shikve
Aao kare harsh-ullas
Sangh khelain HOLI
Lal peele hare gulabi
Rangon ke saath!


  1. Can u please let me know, how much sugar to add?

  2. I don’t have microwave, how else can I do it? Should I cook it in cooker or boil it for 5 mins?

  3. You are an amazing cook and I am inspired by it. Thank you for all recipes.

  4. I loved the recipe and will defined try but can yoh please tell me Where can i buy the kulhar and chandi ki varakh in NJ area ?

  5. Suerb Ruchi.. somehow i missed this post on ED

  6. Hi Ruchi, Do we put in whole raw almonds with skin while grinding along with rice? Thanks.

  7. Where did u get the kulhar from