Chole Kulche-Wich

Multigrain Flat Bread (very much like our desi Kulcha) layered with Spicy Pindi Chana (Made with my special homemade Chana masala), Onions tossed in Pickle Masala and Crunchy Lettuce
Made these Delicious Sandwiches for over 125 athletes and volunteers, competing for the HCC Cricket Championship Trophy in Flushing, Queens, NY. They took almost 15 hours to make and assemble, friends and family pooled in to help! Needless to say, they were a huge hit, and got a huge round of applause from all present!


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  1. Interesting and looks delish! We get something similar on the West Coast called a Naanwich (except yours is on multigrain bread and not naan! Could you share the recipe for your pickle masala?

  2. The focus was competitive cricket during the HCC champions trophy, however if there was one thing which teams would take a moment to appreciate was ‘Chole Kulche-Wich’ from foodfellas4you.
    I personally enjoyed and relished the Chole Kulche-Wich during the HCC champions trophy June 21st, 2014.
    Special thanks to Airen family for this treat and effort.
    Airen family was present in-person during the presentation ceremony and received live ‘thanks’, ‘great stuff’ and lots of other positive compliments during the show.
    Every participant and organizer had been ranting and raving about these Chole Kulche-Wich.


  3. Sid (HCC Volunteer)

    Sandwich was YUMMY ! Thanks for such a wonderful Saturday morning.

  4. Awesome sandwich!

  5. I have tried your chhole kulche-wich and it was awesome. Thanks for sponsoring sandwiches for hcc-takat cricket tournament. Every one on the field had only the nice things to say about it. The combination of pickles and pindi chana was simply unbeatable. I wish I had stocked up a couple for that evening as well. Thanks to you and your family for all the hard work.

    • ruchiairen

      Thank u so much for such wonderful appreciation! Its a pleasure when your efforts are so well received

  6. Hi Ruchi,What kind of bread is it?where did you buy it from?

  7. Hey Ruchi, wud like to make chole kulche wich. just wondering what is Pickle Masala???Can we use something else ??

    • I use Mother’s Recipe punjabi mango pickle. Remove seeds from the mango pickle, process in blender and use as pickle masala.

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