Roti on the Grill!

How about making ROTI ON THE GRILL…Spicy minced gobhi between crispy layers of dough, topped with Makhan…the Punjabi in me says YEEAH….BRING IT ON!(4 photos)

For the filling
Grate gobhi, add salt, red chilli pwdr, amchoor, minced ginger and green chillies, lightly stirfry to reduce moisture.

For the stuffed roti
Roll out dough in 2 extremely thin rotis. Spread filling on one roti. Top with other roti. Seal and roll out again to thin out some more. Lightly semi-cook on Tawa for a few seconds on each side and store.

For grilling
Clean grill carefully making sure there is no debri. Place semi-cooked rotis on medium hot grill and cook till crisp n golden. Top with butter and serve hot!

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