Smoking Hot Mango Chicken!

With mango season finally here…how about trying this delicious chicken recipe cooked with smoked mangoes and chillies!

By dry roasting….one by one smoke sliced onions, garlic, raw mangoes, green chillies (use any exotic variety you like….the spicier the better!), Khadi lal mirch and panch phoran.Now swirl some water in the pan used for roasting to collect all the smokey tidbits! Grind above ingredients into a thick paste using this smokey water & keep aside. Meanwhile heat some mustard oil, add a pinch of hing, then the chicken along with salt & haldi. Bhuno the chicken till it acquires a light brown color. Now add the ground masala, and bhuno on low flame. Towards the end of the cooking add a tsp of gur/brown sugar and a fistful of chopped mint and a few sliced green chillies. Cook till the chicken is tender and almost dry…serve immediately!

PS: the same recipe works well with mutton too!


  1. Joy D'Souza

    How did you smoke the ingredients?

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