Sprouted Kala Chana Bhel


February 17, 2015

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Spicy Sprouted Kala Chana Bhel, topped with chopped onions, crunchy sev and finished off with a squeeze of lime….guilt free indulgence at its best!
To make the sprouted Kala Chana…
Wash and soak dry Black Chana overnight.
Next day drain and keep covered with damp cloth. Then leave to sprout for the next 3-4 days, rinsing a couple of times everyday. By the fourth day your black chana should have sprouted.
For the Cooking…
Now heat a tsp of oil. Add jeera and some minced ginger & green chillies. Follow with washed and drained sprouted Chana. Add salt to taste and about 1/2 cup water. Pressure cook the Chana for 5-6 whistles. Once the steam releases, open cooker and check if the Chana is cooked through. Otherwise you might need to cook for another 2-3 whistles.
Now add, red chilli pwdr and some amchur.
Cook on low flame without lid till almost all of the water evaporates. Transfer to serving bowl. Top with chopped onions, freshly chopped dhania and a sprinkle of your fav bhujia/sev (optional). Serve with a generous squeeze of lime!

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