Step by Step Homemade Yoghurt/Dahi

This post is dedicated to my never ending love for DAHI! A childhood love that I carry well into adulthood, and have happily passed on to my kids too! Who can resist sweet cool refreshing dahi ki Lassi/Matha on a hot sweltering day! A healthy nutritious anytime picker upper that you can enjoy guilt free!
Use it along with fruit & granola to make delightful parfaits…
Combine it with salad or vegetables to make delicious raita…
Or some cool refreshing dahi-chawal…
And who doesn’t like melt in the mouth dahi vadas….:-)
You could use it to make delicious dips…
Sprinkle some namak, lal mirch, kali mirch on top….
Or like me enjoy it PLAIN!image
Nothing can beat the joy of enjoying a bowl of fresh homemade dahi….I love it so much I can make a meal of it! 🙂

For all those who have shied away from attempting to make dai…Now you can make Dahi too, by following the simple steps below….
I learnt to make dahi from my childhood cook Ambika …. Her’s set so firm, it resembled a soufflĂ©!

PS: Please follow the collage right to left and bottom to top!
Note: If you are making dahi for the first time or do not have access to starter cultures, you can follow my tips to make starter dahi
Recently tried making dahi in one of my new mitti ka bartans….thick, creamy, sweet, delicious…even after more than 24 hours without refrigeration!!


  1. Hi Ruchi ,

    not able to understand the sequence of the steps through the colleage . could you plz explain the procedure.


    • ruchiairen

      The sequence goes from bottom to top and right to left, see if you can understand it now! Let me know…

  2. how do you remove water that gathers below curd?

    • ruchiairen

      If you set it carefully, with practice you will hardly have any water separate out! However if there is water, you can either blend it in or strain it using a piece of clean white cloth

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