Spicy Thai Sriracha Sauce

Thai Sriracha sauce….it packs a hefty punch, not for the faint hearted!! A must have if you like spicy oriental food! Add it to stir fry, soups, noodles or fried rice…it creates magic where ever it goes! Make it at home you will never want to go back to the store bought version!
Caution, a little goes a long way…use with care!
Source Shimpa
200 gms birds eye chillies are ground with 1 tbsp sugar, 3/4 tbsp salt, 5-6 cloves of garlic and about 75ml rice wine vinegar to a fine paste to get a fresh and absolutely mindblowing sauce. Once the paste is done add a tbsp of any neutral flavoured oil like sunflower or canola and mix well….keeps well in the fridge for a month or more!

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  1. Amazing ruchi… So easy to make??

  2. Sandhya Karandikar

    Wonderful sauce. If you substitute fresh bird’eye chillies to regular or less hot chillies that are fresh the sauce can be used for almost anything. Not too hot either.

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