Ultimate Veggi Burger!

Delicious Veggi Burgers with a South-Western Twist…this burger has complex layers of flavor and texture that come together beautifully to make the Ultimate Veggi Burger! Hearty chick pea patties, creamy avacado, tangy tomatoes and delicate pea shoots all sandwiched between layers of zesty sour cream! A fun summer meal idea that will be enjoyed by kids & adults alike!
Soak Kala chana overnight. Pressure cook with salt till soft. Grind to a smooth paste and combine with equal quantity of mashed potato. Mix in some ground cumin, paprika, finely chopped onions, minced garlic & jalapeños, freshly chopped cilantro and bread crumbs. Form into big patties and deep fry one at a time!
Split buns, spread some sour cream seasoned with salt n pepper lemon juice….for added zing you could also add some chipotle sauce to the sour cream. Place some pea shoots/lettuce on top followed by the chickpea patties. Top with tomatoes and avocados. Sprinkle some salt n smoked paprika. Top with some more pea shoots. Cover with top of bun and serve immediately!

Note: for a healthier version, you can cook the chickpea patties on a nonstick pan using a little oil spray instead of deep frying!

Suggested accompaniment:
Tangy fruit n sprout coleslaw

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