Vegetarian Frittata

I’ve often been asked to come up with a vegetarian version of Frittata by my friends who don’t eat egg….so here’s a healthy vegetarian interpretation of the classic with a crispy top of sliced potatoes, and a hearty bottom of shredded veggies baked crisp!

Heat oil in an oven safe pan. Arrange thinly sliced potatoes in a circle so that they are slightly overlapping. Once they brown at the bottom flip to other side. Sprinkle a little grated cheese/paneer. Top with a generous layer of the veggi mix and place in oven at 350F till the bottom potato layer start to turn golden about 15 minutes.Take out of oven and flip. Cook for another 15 minutes till the bottom veggi layer turns golden and the top potato layer turn a deep golden brown! Cut into wedges and serve hot with ketchup!
For the veggi mix….
Grate veggies like zucchini/lauki, radish, peppers etc. add a little besan for binding (I used 2 tbsp). Now cook the mix in a pan to reduce juices and thicken. Once it resembles a thick paste, it’s ready to use.

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