Day 7: The Final Day of My Desi Detox


April 23, 2016

Day 7 is a day of celebration….Completion of 6 days of a rigorous self disciplined plan that took me through a steady healthy diet of fresh fruits, salads, soups, vegetables and lean protein. I feel light, energetic, confident and maybe a few pounds lighter πŸ˜‰
Now it’s time to usher in complex carbs….brown rice, bulgar, quinoa…you can take your pic. Supplement it with vegetables and enjoy a glass of wine….you have earned it!
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My 7th day started with a bright sunny-side-up on a multigrain toast along with a cup of warm milk.

Lunch was a hearty meal of piping hot Sambhar and Brown Rice.
For me Sambhar is an excuse to enjoy all my fav vegetables…and I like to include a whole lot….lauki, baingan, carrots, capsicum, radish, drumsticks, cauliflower, all find their way into my sambhar!
Dinner was the grand finale….for my 7 Day Desi Detox!
Crrrrunchy Brown Rice Dosas accompanied with Sambhar and creamy coconut chutney…..Mmmmm! If you’ve still not tried making Dosas’s with brown rice…it’s time you gave it a shot! You will be surprised at how good they taste!
After the scrumptious meal, I fell into a deep sound sleep, contend n happy on having completed another round of my Desi Detox successfully
Thank you friends for giving me company, for yet another round of my Desi detox…it helps improve my resolve and is extremely encouraging! πŸ™‚

Previous account of Day 7 of Detox
For Breakfast I had Dalia ka Pongal, one of my fav comfort foods from the South. I make this Pongal using Dalia instead of white rice and it tastes just as delicious as the original… once you try, you won’t feel the need to ever use white rice again
Mid morning snack was a sliced apple. Lunch was scrumptious fully loaded Brown Rice Dosizzas with toppings/fillings of onions, peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, paneer….Yummmmmy!
Dosizzas are a cross between Dosas and Pizzas, that are a big fav in our household! πŸ™‚

From here on I will be signing off from my Detox….albeit one meal early as I have a dinner engagement. πŸ™‚
Hope you enjoyed taking this journey with me the whole of last week! This is my second time that I’ve featured my experiences with this detox on my Blog! I am thankful to all of you out there for all the encouragement and support you have shown all through the program.
Cheers! πŸ™‚

Celebrated the final day of my detox with a scrumptious brunch picnic at the vineyards! image
We had a Quinoa Fruit Salad
My Moong Dal Bhel and Middle Eastern inspired Chickpea Salad
And some salami, cheese, olives n fruit all enjoyed with some delicious wine!
Later in the afternoon we had some chilled oysters on the half shell….an absolute indulgent treat after the last seven days of self imposed discipline! πŸ™‚
The last meal of the day was my Detox Stir-Fry with the addition of Tofu and some brown rice.
As I successfully head towards the finishing line, I must say that sharing this experience with all of you was a unique empowering experience. Your enthusiastic response from day 1 and continued interest thereafter…was quite overwhelming! It inspired me to explore new ideas for each day and gave me strength in my weak moments to carry on without cheating.

One comment on “Day 7: The Final Day of My Desi Detox

  1. March 25, 2017 Chhaya

    Dear Ruchi,

    Today I will complete my first ever attempt at your 7 day desi detox. Must say, it’s been a success purely because of your elaborate, multi choice and yummilicious blog. Didn’t feel like a detox at all, however, all around me can see the results πŸ™‚

    Thanks Much, your legacy will live on!



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