Soft Spongy Flavorful Dalia Idlis

imageSoft Spongy Flavorful Dalia Idlis…with a distinct nutty flavor! A wonderful healthy idea for the health conscious or those with dietary restrictions. šŸ™‚
Soak 2 cup Dalia with 1 cup udad dal, 1 cup rice and 1 tsp methi dana overnight in water.
Grind to a smooth paste and add salt to taste.
Ferment overnight till it rises and becomes frothy.
Spoon into greased Idli moulds.
Steam for 10 min. Cool in mould for 2-3 minutes….slip out of mould…delicious dalia idlis ready!
Serve with coconut chutney and gunpowder.


  1. Hi ! My idli batter didnt rise even after 12 hours. Any suggestions?

    • Wait for another 4-5 hours….if it still does not rise…Best to add Eno and make….this batch.

  2. Deepa keshwani

    Which rice to b used? Ukda or the normal what v eat

  3. Hi… What rice do use ? White or idli rice ?

  4. What is dahlia in English? Can I find it in Whole Foods? Thanks!

  5. Thanks !

  6. Do we use normal basmati rice? And how much eno powder

    • This recipe does not call for eno, the batter should ideally rise and become frothy by natural fermentation.
      Incase the batter does not rise…you can rescue that specific batter by adding eno and steaming.
      I would add 1 tsp of eno for each batch of 16 idlis.

  7. Wat is this gunpowder

  8. What is Dalia ? Is it something similar to rice? i have never seen this in Indian Grocery store and would like to try this recipe. Is it called by a different name in Indian grocery or can this be purchased in American stores?

    • Dalia is broken/cracked wheat and is easily available in Indian super markets in USA.

  9. Lakshmi Nagaraj

    Tried this recipe. Idlis came out well. Thank you.

  10. Hi Ruchi, I made the batter and it fermented really well… I gave it a stir and kept it in the fridge at night but the idli didn’t cook in the morning… It was jus dense .. I have not used salt yet.. What might be the reason.. Thanks !!!

    • Contrary to popular myth, salt helps in fermentation!
      DO NOT refrigerate batter at night….if you plan to steam idlis in the morning!
      DO NOT over-stir the batter…Just a couple of gentle stirs to make the batter uniform and then steam…hope this helps šŸ™‚

  11. My Idlis didn’t cook well.It was very watery and was like a paste even after cooking it for 10 minutes.Any quick fix for that?

    • You might have added two much water while grinding. Or the batter might not have fermented well.
      Quick fix for watery batter, you can add a little Idli Rava and blend in blender to thicken batter. Then try ferment ion. If batter does not rise well, last resort is to add eno and steam.

  12. How much water to add for this quantity ? And if I need to make less can I half the quantity of everything ?

  13. Hey !!
    I tried the recipe….really turned out well šŸ™‚
    Even though I forgot to add methi Dana !
    Thank u for sharing ! šŸ™‚