Achari Mutton Chops

These Spicy Achari Mutton Chops are my post popular mutton appetizer at parties…a total crowd pleaser!


Heat mustard oil, add panch-phoran, khade masale, khadi lal mirch and a little kali mirch seeds and dhania seeds. On thing to remember here, do not over do the spices…a little goes a long way! The spices you see below were used to cook 36 mutton chops!

Then add some ginger garlic paste along with sliced onions.

Cook till onions accquire some color. Now add mutton chops (goat meat) and bhuno till golden brown and nicely caramelized. Takes more than an hour….they should turn a deep brown as shown below!

Add a sprinkling of water and pressure cook till tender. Open cooker. Empty into a pan, add some vinegar and simmer till almost dry.

Sprinkle chopped dhania and serve with nimbu pyaaz as an appetizer or team it with namak mirch ajwain ki khasta Rotis to make it a complete meal!
PS: if you are not inclined to use a pressure cooker, once you have bhunoed the meat and sprinkled it with a little water…you can place a well fitting lid on your cooking pan and place a heavy weight on top of the lid. Now cook on slow heat till chops are tender! The texture of such slow cooked meat is even more awesome!
Explanation for spice terms used:
Khade masale includes whole spices…cinnamon, bay leaf, black cardamom, green cardamom, cloves.
Khadi lal mirch is whole dry red chilli
Panch Phoran is a spice mix that has equal quantities of 5 whole spices…. Cumin seeds, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds and onion seeds.
Dhania seeds is coriander seeds
Kali mirch seeds is black pepper seeds.

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  1. Hi Ruchi
    I tried this one and it turned out awsome my kids loved it and the aroma while preparing it was too good .

  2. Where do you buy your lamb chops? I am in the bay area and have been looking for a good source for these.

    • I live in NY so do not have information about Bay Area. Besides I’ve used goat meat chops and not lamb in this recipe!