Khasta Nankhatai Take 2

Mom’s Delicious Khasta melt-in-the-mouth Nan Khatais test run by Priyanka Sushant Verma! Here is her experience with making them!
I am a deep lover of Nan Khatais and today I tried the recipe of one of my talented blogger friends Ruchi Airen and it turned out to be scrumptious. Ruchi and me got to know each other at Cal and I always love all her posts because of their simplicity and energy level. Usually I used to bake the Nan Khatais only using plain flour, however Ruchi’s recipe had semolina and chick pea flour as well, which I found to be interesting and thought of giving a try.
Ruchi has explained her recipe very well which makes it easy to follow, which is the reason I have got the best of khasta nan khatais as per its name.
My husband and I are very happy with the flavours and we’ve already bookmarked it for repetitions in future, and I am sure it will be ringing bells in my kitchen soon.

Thank you so much for trying them Priyanka! Friends, for delicious vegetarian recipes do check out her blog

For Mom’s original recipe
Khasta Nankhatais

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