Smoky Plum Panna


June 2, 2015


An absolutely unique Panna, that is sure to blow you away! Smoky Earthy Tangy Refreshing,…with a deep rich red color.
A perfect drink for the summer, give it a try, you’ll make it again & again!!

image Method:
You need good firm plums for this recipe which are slightly on the raw and sour. Wash and place them on grill.
Roast them till there outer skin is completely charred.
Place them in foil and close foil. Allow to cool.
Once cool, remove all big pieces of charred skin. Any small pieces can be left, as they add to the smoky flavor.
Now remove all pulp from seeds by squishing each plum in your hand. Once all the pulp is removed, add sugar, kala namak, kali mirch, bhuna jeera pwdr, and some dry mint(optional). Strain Pulp, add water and crushed ice, garnish with mint and serve chilled!

PS: to get this fabulous color…make them with the early darker quality plums!! 🙂
image image image image image image

21 comments on “Smoky Plum Panna

  1. June 5, 2014 Sarika

    Looks so yummy… the color Ruchi…

    • June 10, 2014 ruchiairen

      Thank u Sarika

  2. June 17, 2014 Taskeen Memon

    Hi Ruchi panna is looking yummy but I want to ask u tat hve u added in this some clr or it’s real clrplzz reply

    • June 18, 2014 ruchiairen

      No added color, it’s the real color of the fruit!

  3. June 25, 2014 SS

    What is kali mirch and I know jeera powder, but “buna” jeera powder? I am a south indian and sometimes I find your ingredients list hard to follow because of the hindi words.

    • June 27, 2014 ruchiairen

      Kali mirch is black pepper. Bhuna means roasted…jeera means cumin. As for the difficult to follow words….please feel free to ask whenever you get stuck…will happily translate 🙂

  4. June 25, 2014 Monica

    I like plums and would love to try this but I have query
    A. what degree plum should be grilled
    B. plum should be wrapped in foil?

    • June 27, 2014 ruchiairen

      Grill plums till they are well charred and soft to touch! And no I did not wrap in foil

      • June 28, 2014 Mlonica

        thanku ruchi for your reply 🙂
        I am making it right now…so can njoy on the weekend..

  5. June 27, 2014 natali

    Hi , I don’t ve grill . Can u plz suggest any other option to roast the plums??


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