Alu ki Chaat

imageimageChatpati Karari Alu ki Chaat…simple ingredients that translate into big bold flavors and simple delicious food!

Make it as a healthy pick-me-up snack to accompany your evening tea, or a quick n easy appetizer for unexpected company.
It’s even a great Vrat recipe, extremely satisfying and filling.
Infact it is one of my fav go-to dishes for my weekly day of fasting! 🙂
To make it…
Boil 2 large potatoes. Cool, peel, slice into 1/4 inch round pieces.
Heat pan with a mix of oil + ghee (about a tsp each). Arrange potato slices in a single layer. Reduce heat to medium, sprinkle slices liberally with salt, red chili pwdr, coarsely cracked black pepper, Chatmasala/amchoor.
Allow to cook, till they brown nicely from the bottom. Flip each piece, sprinkle again with salt n spices. Cook the other side to a golden brown too.
Increase heat to high…Drizzle a little hari chutney/lemon juice on top.
Toss potato slices vigorously to mix flavors…
Continue to cook on high till crisp…sprinkle with freshly chopped dhania..serve steaming hot, yum yum!!
PS: if you can find kala chatmasla for this recipe, it takes it to a whole new level! I buy mine from the Indian super market, Roopak brand.

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