Coming back to….Simple Comfort Food!

Hello friends… Here I am with some simple comfort food, after a long relaxing vacation..cruising away in the blue waters of the Pacific to one of the most beautiful destinations ever…. Hawaii! 🙂

imageimageBack after a fortnight, and with minimal groceries at hand….I found some green tomatillos, ginger, garlic, cilantro and green chillies in the refrigerator. So I decided to make some spicy Chattisgarhi chutney (dad’s fav especially when made on a sil-batta), a delicious slow cooked udad ki dhuli dal in my earthen pot (which happily cooked away on a slow burner as I went grocery shopping) along with a simple alu-French beans (made post shopping). We enjoyed this simple meal with some tandoori rotis and chicken kababs (from the local kabab joint)
PS: Going to exotic places and sampling foods from all over the world….is wonderful, but coming home to the comforts of your home….BLISS!

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