No-Fry Sneaky Shahi Toast

These Sneaky Shahi Toast carry only a fraction of the guilt…. but can still boast to have all the oomph of the traditional recipe! I call them sneaky because even though we by-pass the frying, they have a texture and taste very similar to the deep fried ones that soak insane amounts of ghee/oil…so indulge away!
PS: Make a big batch…when ever I make these, they are gone in the blink of an eye! 🙂


Heat 2 tsp of ghee on a non stick pan and toast quartered bread on both sides till golden. Meanwhile make chashni using equal quantity of sugar & water, some cardamom and kesar.
Taste the chashni to test level of sweetness. It should be one degree sweeter than u like.
Now using a pastry brush….spread a liberal layer of chashni on both sides of the toasted bread and toast it once again.
We toast the bread again so as to carmelize and crisp up the toast a little more so that it resembles the texture of deep fried bread.
Now, dot each piece of bread with a tsp of rabri and sprinkle chopped almond and pistachios on top.
Serve warm or chilled…as you like!

For making the rabri:
Heat milk in a heavy bottomed pan and bring to boil on medium heat, stirring occasionally. Then reduce heat to medium low and let milk thicken, stirring occasionally to prevent milk residue sticking at the bottom.
Once milk thickens considerably. Add enough sweetened condensed milk to sweeten milk according to your taste preference. Add some ground cardamom and kesar if u like. Use as needed.

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