Mirchi ki Bhajia stuffed with Chatpate Alu!

Today’s rainy weather calls out for some Chatpati Mirchi ki Bhajia…Thick chillies stuffed with spicy alu deliciously spiced with the flavors of coarsely pounded dhania and saunf….yummmmmmy!
As I like to say……Har Mausam ka Apna Lutf hai,
Bas Khaane ka Shauk Jabardast Hona Chahiye!!


Slit large thick green chillies.
Remove seeds if you like or you may leave them inside.
Also boil and mash potatoes.
Add salt, red chilli, amchoor and coarsely pounded dhania & saunf.
Fill the chillies with the potato mix.
Dip into thick seasoned besan batter.
Deep fry in medium hot oil till lightly golden.
When you are ready to serve, fry them once again to a deep golden. Serve immediately!

PS: If you want to avoid double frying, after the first round of frying…you can cut them into pieces and bake in a 425F oven for about 8-10 minutes, just before serving!

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