My Homemade Multigrain Atta

Try mixing your own multigrain flour at home …totally worth the time & effort spent!! Both me and hubby love it’s coarse rustic flavor but more important…it’s completely kid approved too! 🙂 An absolute must try!!

10 cups coarsely ground whole wheat flour
1/2 cup Jau/Barley
1/2 cup Rajgira/Amaranth
1/2 cup Makki/Maize
1/2 cup Jwar/Sorghum
1/2 cup Chana/Gram
1/2 cup Singara/Water Caltrop
1/2 cup Soybean
1/2 cup Ragi/Finger Millet
1/2 cup Bajra/Pearl Millet
1/2 cup oats + flax seed

I’ve been using this mix for more than a year now….it’s delicious! To convince my friends to give it a try…I actually made small trial packs for them…and they all loved it! 🙂

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