Creamy Orange Rabri

A childhood fav
Also a great option when you are fasting!


First step is to start with really good quality ripe juicy oranges.20140328-104844.jpg
Peel and cut clean segments out. Sprinkle liberally with sugar. Keep chilled in the refrigerator.20140328-104902.jpg
Reduce milk along with some elaichi to one third stirring occasionally. Add sugar or milkmaid to make it sweet according to your taste. Cook for another 8-10 min till it becomes slightly thick, stirring constantly after addition of milkmaid or it might stick to the bottom of the pan. Do not make it too thick, remember it will get thicker as it cools. Cool completely and add orange segments. Chill….garnish with almonds and kesar soaked in milk!20140328-104925.jpg

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