Pan-seared Pound Cake

imageCome lets make the most decadent dessert ever! It’s simple, it’s easy it’s impressive….and it’s to-die-for yummm!
Presenting Pan-seared Pound Cake,,
Serve it with a drizzle of caramel sauce or honey, along with some icecream if you like…Mmmm irresistable!

Who doesn’t like pound cake, it’s one dessert that has almost universal appeal, so how about using our basic pound cake, and converting it onto something even more magical!
It’s also a great idea to use up left over pound cake and convert it into a gourmet dessert that is sure to wow your guests!
Here is how the final plate looks….isn’t it yummmmy! 🙂
And here is how you make it…
You can use either homemade or store bought basic pound cake for this recipe.

Slice left over pound cake into thin slices
Melt a little butter in a nonstick pan on medium heat
Pan-sear the pound cake slices in the melted butter…
Till golden crisp on both sides
Transfer to serving plate, drizzle with caramel sauce and enjoy.
If you like serve a la mode with a scoop of Icecream…Mmmm heavenly!
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