Quick n Easy Ramen

Cold bone chilling weather calls out for hot comfort food. And what can be more soothing than a hot bowel of Ramen! A one pot meal of vegetables, protein, noodles and broth…its extremely easy to put together and feeds the body and the soul!

Here’s how I make it…


To make the soup

Boil 6 cups of veg broth/chicken broth. If you like you can also make a miso broth by mixing 3 tbsp of miso paste with 1 tbsp seaweed and 2 tsp of Benito flakes (optional). Set it to boil on medium flame.

Add finelly diced tofu (about 1/2 cup), and thinly sliced mushrooms (4-5 nos) and scallion (2 nos)

Cook for 5 min, and bring off heat. Adjust salt as per your taste.

To make the Ramen Bowl

Slice/steam/chop your fav vegetables and arrange in bowls according to choice. You can use carrots, peppers, broccoli, baby corn, bak-choy, baby spinach ir any other vegetables that you fancy.

Boil quick cooking egg noodles with some salt. Drain, wash add a tsp of chilli oil and divide between the ramen bowels along side the vegetables.

Pour steaming hot soup in each veg and noodle bowl….garnish with chopped scallion, drizzle some chilli oil and or soy sauce if you so prefer…serve immediately!

You can also top with a soft boiled egg cut into 2 halves if you like.

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