Raw Mango Pesto in 2 Avatars

A spicy bold mango pesto that packs a hefty punch and will kick your senses wide awake…definitely not for the faint hearted!
imageimageimageimageHere I present two delicious avatars…though I’m sure you will soon come up with many more! 🙂

First, as a spicy mango flavored mustard sauce, used as an accompaniment with grilled baby potatoes and hot crunchy medu vadas…Mmmm completely irresistible.

For round two, we used it as a tangy mango pesto.
We spread it liberally over white fish fillets and grilled it to delicious perfection….yummmm!

You will need….
Sour raw mangoes (I used frozen, no need to remove peel)
A good measure of any good quality of brown mustard (I used our Desi Kasundi)
Green chillies/Jalapeños and a couple of whole red chillies
A couple of cloves of garlic
Some olive oil and salt to taste.

Process the above ingredients in a mixie till really smooth.
There are no fixed quantities to the ingredients…they can be added according to your personal taste. 🙂

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