Tangy Chickpea Salad


Soak a mix of white and black Chana overnight.
Pressure cook till soft.
If you like you can add lobhia to the mix (no need to soak lobhia overnight).
Dice peppers, tomatoes and cucumbersand finely chop the onions.
Toss the boiled Chana and the chopped salad in a couple of tbsp of Turkish Chili-Herb Oil. Add salt to taste and a generous squeeze of lemon juice.
Sprinkle a little crumbled Feta (optional) and garnish with parsley.
Serve with toasted Pita Bread or Crunchy Lavash!

Note: I like to let the salad sit for a while for the flavors to meld nicely! Ideally make this salad at least 1/2 an hour before serving!

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