Air Fryer Vadas

My latest experiment in the kitchen…
AIR-FRYER VADAS…light spongy and delicious!

Enjoyed them as Dahi-Vada…

and Rasam-Vada…

Totally passed the test on taste, texture and appearance!

Here’s how I did it…

Wash and soak 3/4 cup udad dal for 2 hours and then drain and grind along with 1/2 inch ginger and 2-3 green chillies using minimal water.

Next using an egg beater, whip ground dal till light and frothy.

Then add a tsp of eno (optional, but I got better results with eno) along with a tablespoon of water. Make sure the batter is light n frothy but not too liquidy.

Next fill batter in a zip lock bag and cut a corner of the bag to resemble a piping bag. Spray your solicon mini donut molds lightly with oil. Pipe the batter in the moulds. These molds are easily avaiable on Amazon.

Place the moulds in the air fryer basket

Cook 5 min on max heat. Then flip vada and cook for another 3 minutes or till done on both sides.

For dahi vadas, soak in warm salted water till spongy. Squeeze out water and immerse in cool dahi.

Top with imli chutney and sprinkle with spices…enjoy!

For Rasam Vada…

Simmer vadas in hot spicy rasam for 3-4 minutes…

till fully seeped through…enjoy!


  1. Super creative. Why air fryer did u use

  2. Which Air Fryer do you use? Is it a spacious one? Every time I go to buy one, I am not able to make up my mind due to the spacious factor.