Besan Gobhi Ka Chila

So what’s new about Besan ka chila! Well try this version, with the nutrition & flavor of gobhi built in… you just can’t beat this as a healthy brunch or after school snack idea!
It is so good….you’ve got to try it to believe it!
Take besan + grated phool gobhi + adrak + hari mirch + salt + red chili pwdr…..mix into a spreadable batter and make chilas! The juices from the gobhi keep the chila juicy, preventing dryness without the need to use excessive oil and if mid way…you add grated panner on top….the paneer drinks up the extra juices….making it ultra crispy!!

Note: The pan that I use to make my chilas/ Dosas…

PS: You might also like to try Besan Gobhi ka Chila…TAKE 2
Layers of flaky besan lined with chutney & paneer and made with minimal oil, these stunning pinwheels are as delicious as they are pretty! Make them for those occasions when you want to create an impression! Serve them instead of greasy samosas or pakoras, and watch the compliments pour in!


  1. how do you grate the gobhi?

  2. Lovely idea to add vegetable in chilla. Love to try this. If possible , visit me too.

  3. My chilas got soggy by the time I rolled all 3 together, so couldn’t cut them so nicely .. How does one avoid that?