My Chana Masala

The best Chana Masala EVER….Once you try this you will never go back to buying the ready-made version!


  • 1 Cup Anardana
  • 1/2 cup dhania seeds
  • 1/2 cup khadi lal mirch
  • 2 tsp laung
  • 5 big tej patta
  • 10 badi elaichi
  • 10 small pieces of dalchini
  • 5 choti elaichi
  • 1/4 cup jeera
  • 1 tbsp Kali mirch
  • 1/2 cup kasoori methi

Dry roast the above ingredients and grind them together.
Store in an airtight container and use as needed.

You can use this Chana Masala to make …. Mom’s JAGAT Famous Punjabi Chole
… or, the Zero-oil No-onion No-garlic No-onion No-tomato PINDI CHANA

Either of the above Chole or Chana recipes can be used to make…Delicious Healthy Fusion Sandwiches that I like to call Chole Kulche-wich


My Chana Masala Take 2


  1. Amazing! You hv solved my huge problem. I hv been trying to find a good chana masala for very long but those readymade ones are crap

  2. Hi Ruchi, do u grind badi and choti elaichi with skin or just seeds? Pls let know.


  3. Can u plz tell me ny alternative to anardana??

  4. Can u tell me if khadi lal mirch is the same as whole kashmiri lal mirch…thanks

  5. Do you use fresh anardana (pomegranate) or the dry ones you get in Indian store?

  6. Hello Ruchi, absolutely absolutely love your recipes.. i have passed them along to many ppl and they are also your fans now..

    Question.. In this chole masala, are u adding groud black pepper or sabut black pepper.. i see kali mirch.. but wasn’t sure if it was ground or sabut..

  7. Can I use anardana powder instead? If yes, what proportion?

    • Yes you can. Let your taste buds. Add about the same quantity as the seeds in the Chana masala recipe.

  8. Can i replace badi elaichi with anything else?

  9. I find that anardana is quite wet so how do I get it so dry

  10. Hello,

    After dry roasting all masalas do we remove the tejpatta before grinding.