Daal Baati/Baafle Indori Style!

Mom-in-law’s speciality!!
Method :
For the Panchmel Daal
1/2 cup toor
1/4 cup moong daal
1/4 cup lal masoor
1/4 cup Chana daal
1/4 cup udad daal
Pressure cook the above mix with water, haldi, salt and 1 tej patta for 2 whistles.
Now heat ghee add jeera, laung, choti elaichi, minced ginger and green chillies. Sauté for a minute. Add chopped tomatoes, cook till tomatoes melt. Add this to the boiled daal. Now prepare a tempering by heating ghee and adding hing, jeera, khadi lal mirch and red chili pwdr. Pour over daal just before serving….garnish with freshly chopped dhania!

For the Baati/ Baafle
2 cup atta
1/2 cup sooji
1/2 cup besan
1/3 cup oil
Make a stiff poori like dough with the above. Shape into round lemon size balls. Flatten them like pedas. Press your finger in the middle of each Baati to make a small indentation. Boil water with a little salt and oil. Simmer Baatis in the water till they rise to the top. Bake these in a 425 oven till light golden, turning sides half way through. Then broil for 5-6 minutes…to deepen color. Now take each Baati in your palm and squish it slightly…to crack it a little…just as you would do for a khasta roti. Then Heat 2 heaped tbsp ghee in a flat pan….dip Baatis quickly and take out of the ghee. Serve hot with Panchmel daal!

PS: you can make Baatis…. plain or with a spicy stuffing of matar or alu!

Add on Dessert…Churma!
For the Churma
Make some plain Baatis…made by following the process stated above. Pound them really fine. Mix in ground sugar/ shakkar/ jaggery and cardamom…ready!
I use light brown sugar….tastes awesome!!:-)

Note: To really enjoy eating this….
Crumble Baati with hand, pour hot daal on top. Top with a tsp of melted ghee, a squeeze of lime and eat with hari chutney, bhune hue jeera alu, baingan ka bharta, achhar and hari mirch… and not to forget dessert of Churma….Enjoy!!

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  1. Thank you for posting the recepie I was missing my Indori Baflaas, got the receipe now,
    would be trying it out soon.

  2. Sayanti Chaudhuri

    how long to bake the batis after simmering and before broiling – approx?

  3. In Indore people make Tuar Dal with Bafala. U gave mix dal receipe. I m from Indoe.