Dahi Chawal …..made in a clay pot!

Dahi Chawal set overnight, in my clay pot!



Spread a thick layer of soft cooked rice at the bottom of the clay pot. Boil milk and cool to slightly warmer than luke warm. Pour this milk over the rice till the rice is completely submerged. Add a heaped tsp of dahi ka jaman (starter yoghurt). Top with a couple of green chillies (they infuse a lovely fragrance to the dish). Keep covered in a warm place overnight. Next day give tadka of oil, rai, Kari patta. Serve with fried red chillies and spicy pickle!
Source: Bhawani Aunty

PS: This also tastes delicious with my Baingan ka Pani wala Achar
Recipe link: http://wp.me/p4eURi-q2


  1. Where did you buy your clay pot?