A new round of MY DESI DETOX!

Starting next week, ie. Monday, I plan to do another round of my 7 DAY DESI DETOX!
Hope like my previous rounds….many will be inspired and some will even join in! šŸ™‚

The Desi Detox experience in a nutshell!
Over the next few days…You will see how I detox and refresh my self…Mind & Body by following some simple home-grown recipes that focus on fresh fruits & vegetables in the first part of the week followed by dairy, lentils and lean meats in the later half! I will also post recipe ideas and anecdotes relating my experiences as I progress through each day of the detox. I have been doing this detox every quarter for more than 10 years now and it works great for me.

The benefits I feel from following this plan are countless. For me it is not a short term quick fix idea to loose weight. It is a union of body & mind working together in total discipline to achieve a complete cleanse from the periodic excesses that many of us fall prey too! It brings me back on track on my healthy lifestyle commitment so that even when I finish the detox, I view my every day food with healthy sensibilities. It forces me to take stock of my every day food choices and become more conscious of their effects on my health. It also helps wean me away from rich calorific food, which are okay as an occasional indulgence but should not feature too frequently in our every day food! When I do this detox, the whole family’s focus shifts to healthier food, and with me they also start eating healthier so it’s a double win for me! šŸ™‚

Disclaimer: Follow any detox/diet plan only after seeking proper professional medical opinion!


  1. I am planning to do a detox too so Can you please post the day’s preps in advance in order to be prepared with what I will be eating if any preps are need to be made in advance..

  2. Wht v hv to do exactly to detoxify our body

  3. Waiting ruchi airen… You rock