Brown Rice Dosa


Experimented with using brown rice to make Dosa batter…never going back to using white rice ever again!!

Soak 1 cup udad dal, 1 tbsp Chana dal, 1 tbsp moong dal, 2 cups brown rice and 1 tsp methi dana overnight.

Grind into a smooth thick paste and add some salt to taste.

Ferment overnight.
Stir the batter, adjusting water and salt to make a thin spreadable batter.


Spread out on hot nonstick pan like any regular dosa, drizzle a few drops of oil, cook for 1-2 minutes on medium high heat

Roll and serve hot with hot Sambhar & fresh coconut chutney!


And how about trying to use the brown Rice dosa batter to make something fun and nutritous for the kids….I call it DOSIZZAS!!

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Here is the pan I use to make my Dosas/Chilas


  1. Turned out great! Very tasty just as is.

  2. Hi Ruchi,

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe. I have lots of cooked brown rice at home and was wondering if I can use that instead of uncooked brown rice.

    Looking forward to your reply.


    • I’ve never tried using cooked rice….however…it is an interesting idea worth exploring. I would suggest soaking udad dal for 2-3 hours. Then grinding it along with the cooked brown rice to prepare the batter….leave to ferment….and see what happens!

  3. Hi Ruchi, should I soak all the ingredients together in one container or separately? Thanks, Swati

  4. Can I use brown basmati rice ? I don’t have brown sona masoori

  5. What an amazing recipe! The batter turned out perfect! I made uttappams tonight and the family loved it! Thanks!!!

  6. Ruchi, do you select smoothie option to grind the better. If not then what speed you usually choose?
    Thanks 🙂

    • I don’t have the inbuilt options. I start with speed 2 and quickly go upto speed 8 to grind. In between I also use pulse option for even grinding.

  7. And can you share roughly how much water you had to use. I have a vitamix and always having hard time grinding better for idli-dosa

    • Never measured the water. But my experience is very good with the. Vitamix…for any kind of batter!

      • i have tried this recipe and it turns out great but I have a hard time grinding batter even with a vitamix. After starting slow when I increase the speed th batter stops engaging and The blade is rotating. I have tried pouring water slowly while the batter is engaged to keep it engaged, but then it became too runny and not enough smooth.

        Any tips here will greatly help

  8. But this isn’t short brown rice from costco (or is it?). Do the ratios change if I use the organic brown rice from costco? That is short and is almost same the as the one served in thai/chinese restaurants.


    Hi, Do you have a printable version of the recipe ?

  10. Hi Ruchi, I tried this and my batter did not ferment. Any tips for fermenting? Also, how can I use the batter if it’s not fermented?

  11. Ruchi,

    will 6 hours of soaking be enough?

    • I would advise to soak overnight (10 to 12 hours), as brown rice has a tough outer covering.