Easy No-Fail Mango Burfi

imageimageimageRich Decadent Melt-in-the-mouth Mango Burfi that is completely irresistable!
These taste wonderfully fresh and flavorful and contain no artificial essence or color!!
If you have a sweet tooth be sure to make a big batch…as these will disappear really fast! 🙂imageYou will need…
2 cups whole milk ricotta cheese or fresh homemade paneer processed in the blender/mixi
1/2 cup fresh mango purée
1/2 cup canned mango purée
1 cup milk powder
1 1/4 cup sugar (add less or more according to personal taste)
3-4 green cardamoms finely powdered
A generous pinch of saffron
2 tbsp Sliced almonds and 1 tbsp sliced pistachiosMethod:
Transfer the ricotta cheese, the fresh and canned mango purée to a heavy bottomed pan. And cook for 15 minutes on medium high heat stirring intermittently.imageNext add the milk powder and stir to combine.imageNow add the sugar, the ground cardamom and the saffron.imageCook on medium heat stirring often till the mix thickens.imageOnce it starts to thicken and come together, stir continously…imagetill it becomes a semi-solid mass and collects in the center of the pan.imageNow transfer to a greased thali and spread evenly. Sprinkle liberally with the sliced nuts. Smoothen out top surface with greased hands and allow to cool.imageOnce slightly cool cut into squares/rectangles with a knife.imageBut wait till the mix cools completely before you separate the squares.imageimageIf you like you can also roll the same mix into round pedas too!imageimageBoth shapes have their own appeal 🙂imageWatch video…https://secureservercdn.net/


  1. Is there an alternative to the ricotta cheese ?

  2. Nice recipes. Will have to try some. May be will start with this mango burfi.

  3. I do not get fresh mangoes where I live. Can I use ready made mango pulp only?

  4. Hi Ruchi. I keep following your recipes and always turn out to be awesome. I had a quick question I am planning to make this for Diwali. I was wondering if I can use mapro mango syrup for this instead of store bought pulp or fruit.

  5. Ruchi could you please post a close up picture of the ricotta cheese box. Thanks

  6. Hi awesome recipe gonna make it soon. Was wondering if I can make and freeze the mango burfi for later use..

  7. can i use fresh mango puree instead of canned?

  8. Ruchi – I love your recipes!!! thank you for making such delicious and awesome “healthy” ones too!
    Can we make this in crockpot? if so, can you PLeASE make it and post the times etc. 🙂

  9. Any particular brand of milk powder that you recommend ?