Fruit Yoghurt Parfait

Refreshing Yoghurt Parfaits…
Creamy yoghurt along with a medley of sweet juicy fruits, tangy berries and layers of crunchy granola…all combine to bring you a heavenly respite from the hot summer weather!
Wash, clean and prep your fruit.
Cut into bite size pieces, where needed.
Layer a chilled glass with alternate layers of fruit, yoghurt and granola
along with a gentle sprinkle of honey/sugar.

You can use banana, berries, kiwi, mango, peaches, pineapple, pomegranate or any other fruit of your choice.

These Yoghurt Parfaits are also a good start for a day of fasting…
the cool yoghurt settles the stomach acids and the fruits have enough sugar to provide you energy for the day ahead!
PS: when fasting, layer with crunchy grain-free fasting granola!

A fun-filled idea is to create a Make-your-own yoghurt parfait station for the kids!
They will simply love assembling their own little parfaits and in the process, don’t be surprised if you end up earning some serious brownie points! 😉
This is one of my kids fav after school snack….and the broad smiles with which they greet this refreshing treat is truly endearing!

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  1. Hi once this is made the glass has to be
    Kept in the fridge ?