Harissa Chicken/Tofu Kababs

These kebabs make wonderful use of Harissa, an African spice paste that adds a delicious smoky subtle heat to these melt in the mouth kebabs making them impossible to resist!

For the Kababs….
Thinly slice chicken breast. Thread on presoaked bamboo sticks. Pour Harissa marinade on top. Keep in marination for at least a couple of hours. Grill on a hot BBQ, basting with a little oil. Alternatively, heat oven to 500 degrees…bake for 25 minutes. Then broil for another 5 minutes. Serve over warm pita bread with a drizzle of yoghurt tahini sauce

For The Harissa marinade….
Process thick yoghurt along with Harissa paste, sauted caramelized onions, garlic, salt, ground cumin, lemon juice and a hint of honey/molasses to make a smooth paste.

Note: This marinade works great with tofu or paneer too!image image

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  1. What is harissa paste?

    • It’s an African spice paste made from dry red chillies, the recipe for the kababs includes a link to Harissa paste, showing how it’s made!

  2. Thanks for another excellent recipe Ruchi. I used a couple of shortcuts – Harissa paste from Whole foods and store bought fried onions used in biryani . It was still so delicious . I air fryed the marinated boneless skinless thigh kababs at 370 – for 10 mins + 5 mins.