Homestyle Mutton Curry

The mouthwatering mutton curry, that takes me back to childhood days! Back then, I loved to savor it with hand torn pieces of plain sliced bread and nimbu pyaz…no other frills!
Even now, when I visit mom, this is one of the first meals that she has ready for us to savor!

imageAnd here’s a delicious rendition of my Homestyle Mutton curry by husband Anuj, who tried this recipe of mutton for the very first time! Despite initial jitters over measuring spices and tearful struggle over slicing onions, he labored on to the finishing line with a brave smile in place. Today afternoon, as family and friends sat together to dig into the big pot of ‘falling off the bone’ meat, kids & adults, all agreed….that it was fabulously good! Anuj’s self depracating response to all the praise was….it must be the recipe that is so good! 🙂image
Marinate mutton in a little yoghurt, ginger garlic paste, salt, haldi, red chili pwdr, freshly pounded coriander pwdr, khuskhus (powdered…and is optional) for about 1/2 hour. Meanwhile heat oil add jeera and khare masale (badi elaichi, tej patta, dalchini, laung, choti elaichi), khadi lal mirch and a few black pepper seeds. Add sliced onions and sautĂ© till pink. Then add marinated mutton( reserving marinade) and sear on medium high to seal juices. Now reduce heat to medium, slowly add reserved marinade 1 tbsp at a time and bhuno the mutton to a rich brown color. This will take atleast 30-45 min…Do not rush! Next add pureed tomatoes, and simmer till the masala leaves oil. Now add enough water to make gravy of desired thickness, cover with a well fitting lid, put a weight on the lid and simmer till tender and falling off the bone! Alternatively you can also pressure cook the meat till done. Sprinkle with chopped dhania and serve. If you want you can also add pan seared egg/fried alu towards the end. Serve hot with rice/roti and nimbu pyaz.

So here’s a step by step depiction of the recipe!


  1. SUPERB.Made is today delish.Bookmarked your mutton page any other MUST MAKE recipes you recommend ? THanks

  2. Looks very delicious

  3. Hi, love your recipes. I can say that I have learnt how to cook chicken from your Mom’s home style chicken recipe. A big thank you. Would appreciate the list of exact ingredients of this mutton recipe too. Thanks!

  4. Looks yum!! Where do you buy your mutton from?

  5. Hi Ruchi Where in Manhattan can I buy Mutton/Goat meat?
    Also….can I make the same recipe with lamb…what cut of lamb would you use?


  6. I tried this recipe today and it turned out great. Have been following your blog for a long time now. Great recipes. Thanks!