imageSoft melt in the mouth light ‘n’ airy Idlis that taste delicious!!
Heart Healthy Buckwheat Groats boost your immune system and are rich in fibre and nutrients….try using them, they come attached with a gold mine of health benefits! 🙂
Wash and soak 1/2 cup udad dal in water, overnight.
Wash and soak 1 cup buckwheat groats in water, overnight.
Drain and grind together into a smooth batter. Add salt to taste and mix. Cover with plastic wrap and leave to ferment overnight in a warm corner till it rises and becomes frothy.
Stir gently and ladle spoonfuls into greased Idli molds.
Steam for only 6 minutes.
Take molds out of Idli cooker and rest for 2-3 minutes. Using a wet spoon, gently remove from mould.
Serve warm with coconut chutney, gunpowder and ghee.


  1. Hi! Can I use buckwheat flour instead of the groats? Thanks!

  2. Hi, is it OK to use roasted buckwheat groats? Thanks

  3. Ruchi do you use a grinder or Vitamix? Do the idlis come out soft in the Vitamix?

    • Yes. But be careful to use a lower setting else your batter will become too fine. I like my idlis to have a slightly grainy texture.

  4. Where can I buy these buckwheat groats Ruchi

  5. good recipe …never used buckwheat yet…i am gonna try this for sure

  6. Dont we need to add idli rava

  7. Did you steam at medium or high flame for 6 mins?

  8. I tried your recipe with roasted buckwheat groats & the idlis turned out great. Thanks for your awesome recipe.

  9. Hi there.. do i need to soak fenugreek seeds too alongwith urad dal as we do for normal idli batter?