Lauki Overload Paranthas

Garden to table
Lauki Overload Paranthas!
Mmmmm irresistibly delicious!!

Wash, peel and grate 1 big lauki.

Add, salt, red chili pwdr, turmeric, ajwain (carom) seeds and a little garam masala.
Also add a fistful of chopped dhania, 2 tsp grated ginger and 2 tsp minced green chillies.

Add whole wheat flour (atta) to form a slightly stiff dough. Drizzle 2 tsp oil and work the dough smooth.

Do not overwork the dough!

Roll out dough, and pan fry using a little oil…working quickly as grated lauki tends to get watery and loosen dough.

Serve along with chilled butter and your fav pickle.

Ps: Try to use as much lauki and as little atta as possible….for maximum Lauki flavor!
You can add salt in small batches…if lauki is too watery.


  1. Love all your vegetarain receipes. I tried this one and it was superb..I want to make carrot paratha ..can I try this one ?
    Please add more paratha receipes on your blog..already tried all the ones you mentioned and all were yummy