Eggs Mohile style

Fellow foodies, I present to you the glorious….MOHILE!

This dish is our family’s fav anytime rescue snack and dates back to my hubby’s IIT Kharagpur days. It’s high on taste, simple in execution and completely addictive! An absolute must try. However…..a word of caution, once you allow ‘Mohile’ into your house, it will never leave!!

It’s named after it’s creator Dhananjay Mohile, a guy from IIT Kharagpur in the 1980s…..who directed the creation of this dish at a small joint called Chedi’s and it’s still sold there by this very name.

Step1: You start with seasoning bread, ideally one half of a hamburger bun with salt, pepper and red chili pwdr and toast it lightly.

Step 2: Next you break an egg on a searing hot pan and season it with salt, pepper and red chili pwdr.

Step 3: Once the egg has crisped up from the bottom…. You place the toasted seasoned bread on top and press gently.

Step 4: Finally flip and crisp the bottom a little more…

And its ready!

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    thanks for posting this, made my day…sadly I graduated in 1979, so missed this wonderful creation from you husband….couldn’t help but shared it with al my KGP buddies